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NCCASA and National LGBTQ DV Capacity Learning Collaborative Technical Documents Now Available!

08/10/2016 | Agency News

These two documents are intended to provide research and anecdotal evidence in support of increasing LGBTQ+ protective factors and service provision through specific strategies. The first, “Preserving Survivor Choice” uses research to make a case for the way that forensic compliance systems would need to change in order to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ survivors. […]

Register now for “Strengthening Military-Civilian Community Partnerships to Respond to Sexual Assault”

06/22/2016 | Agency News

Register now for “Strengthening Military-Civilian Community Partnerships to Respond to Sexual Assault” in Salemburg (Sampson County) on July 19! “Strengthening Military-Civilian Community Partnerships to Respond to Sexual Assault” is an interactive training that helps participants establish partnerships with local military installations in order to effectively respond to the needs of sexual assault victims in the military. […]

NTF Statement on Orlando Shooting and Resources for Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

06/14/2016 | Agency News

In the wake of such loss this past weekend after the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, our hearts go out to the victims, their loved ones, and the LGBTQ+ community. NCCASA would like to share with you the statement released by the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women in […]

Responding to HB 2

03/24/2016 | Agency News

Yesterday HB 2 was passed and signed into law in North Carolina. This bill overrides a recently passed LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance in Charlotte, prevents local governments from enacting a range of nondiscrimination and employment policies, and requires all public facilities, including schools, to allow restroom access only on the basis of “biological sex”. This bill […]

Purple Ribbon of Excellence Award Announcement!

02/23/2016 | Agency News

The Training and Education Committee of the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission announces the inaugural Purple Ribbon of Excellence Award. The Purple Ribbon of Excellence recognizes programs exhibiting excellence in community education, outreach, and prevention related to domestic and sexual violence. The purpose of the award is twofold: 1) To convey appreciation and recognition upon […]

Safelight in Henderson County!

02/23/2016 | Agency News

In January 2016, Safelight was announced as the name for the newly combined agency in Henderson County serving survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Their new mission is: “creating hope, healing lives, changing community”. From their new website: “We are a nonprofit agency that provides support for victims of interpersonal violence, sexual […]

Albemarle Hopeline Signs MOU for Sexual Assault Response Protocol

02/11/2016 | Agency News

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the region’s chief prosecutor and three top law enforcement officials joined the president of the hospital and the leader of the local rape crisis center in signing their names to a sexual assault response protocol. The protocol, which is 52 pages long, will serve as a guide for law enforcement, hospital […]

North Carolina Campus Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Student Advocates Summit 2016

12/21/2015 | Agency News

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! The North Carolina Campus Consortium and Student Planning Committee are thrilled to announce the second annual student-led summit of its kind in North Carolina focusing on peer educator and student activist work to prevent and respond to sexual and intimate partner violence on North Carolina college campuses. The Summit is intended to be […]

Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

12/17/2015 | Agency News

The Justice Department’s gender bias policing guidance announced December 15, 2015, by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and was a joint effort by the following offices in the Department of Justice: the Office on Violence Against Women, the Civil Rights Division, and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). In partnership with law enforcement leaders […]

A job well done to the Wilson County SART!

11/6/2015 | Agency News

The team received local recognition for their diligence in developing a protocol that coordinates the response of several agencies and improves the quality of care and attention that each victim of sexual violence deserves. We send special thanks to Lynne White; Executive Director of the Wesley Shelter, and Donna Pridgen, the Sexual Assault Team Coordinator […]

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