Our Time, Our Vote- Early Voting in NC October 20- November 5!

Sep 29, 2016

Voting is a critical way to voice our needs and the needs of our communities and to send a strong message about the priorities we want our elected officials to address. Elections can have a strong impact not only on policies that directly impact sexual assault service provision, response, and funding, but they can also have cultural impacts that affect our ability to shift culture in order to end sexual violence. This is why NCCASA wants to encourage all of you who are eligible to vote to do so, and to support others in your communities to vote as well! Non-profits cannot take a stand on particular candidates, but we can participate in get-out-the-vote efforts and non-partisan voter education.

Early voting is a great way to avoid long lines and to fix any problems that may come up with your registration. Also, if you haven’t yet registered (or updated your registration), there is one-stop registration if you go during the early voting period!

You can look up information for early voting in your county here! Join us at NCCASA in getting out the vote!