2017 NCCASA Conference

From Premise to Practice:
Applying a Comprehensive Trauma Lens
Tuesday May 16th – Thursday May 18th, 2017

in Winston-Salem, NC

 You have probably heard the term “trauma lens” before and may be using it in your work.  This conference gives us a chance to learn more about the theory and research behind trauma, and to find new ways to make our work more accessible to those who have experienced it.  We want to create space for discussing ways to process our own trauma, whether it is direct, vicarious, or organizational.  Additionally, workshops at this conference will challenge us to use a trauma lens in examining historical trauma and collective trauma. For example, how does ongoing violence towards marginalized communities contribute to trauma? What does that mean for how we serve survivors of sexual violence? This conference strives to answer some of these questions, and raise others.

This conference will provide tools for moving through the trauma we witness on a daily basis. We hope, when you leave this space, that you are rejuvenated by the energy and dedication of your community of practice.

We look forward to spending three days with you while we learn, are challenged, enjoy each other’s company and continue to grow to best serve all victims of sexual violence.  Thank you for the work you do, and the care you bring to it.



Who Should Attend

The NCCASA 2017 Conference is for anybody who lives as a witness to trauma, either their own or as a witness to others.  We chose our theme, “Applying a Comprehensive Trauma Lens,” in an attempt to move beyond simply knowing what a trauma lens is to understanding how trauma informs not only our work, but our society and history at large.

We invite:

Advocates and workers who want the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on how to best serve their communities

Strategic and innovative thinkers who are interested in exploring alternate modalities for change

Anybody who seeks a community dedicated to reducing the impact of trauma from sexual violence



Conference agenda


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Plenary speakers



If you have questions or would like more information please contact Brynn Fann, Conference Planning Assistant, at Brynn@nccasa.org