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 Duplin County DV/SA Coordinator

JOB Description

General Description

The primary responsibility of the Duplin County DV/SA Coordinator is to provide Duplin County with onsite service in domestic violence/sexual abuse. These services include but are not limited to shelter (utilizing the Lenoir County/surrounding Counties like Onslow, Sampson, Wayne shelters), victim advocacy, court advocacy, community outreach, professional trainings, victim transportation, support/empowerment group services, volunteer recruitment and any other services directly related to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This position seeks individual with a Bachler’s degree in Human Services, (Social Work, Applied Sociology, and other human services areas) put will consider individuals with experience/educational background.  Applicants that are bilingual and live within the Duplin County area are preferred.  This position will report to the Executive Director.  Please submit your resume to the Executive Director, at by the end of business April 3, 2018.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide services to domestic violence cases in Duplin County
  2. Provide services to sexual abuse cases in Duplin County
  3. Assist victims with domestic violence protective orders
  4. Assist victims with 50-C when needed
  5. Act as a court advocate for all domestic violence and sexual assault victims
  6. Keep accurate note and statistic on all victims served in Duplin County
  7. Maintain monthly reports on all clients
  8. Prepare six-month DOA report in a timely fashion due by the 20th of January and July each year.
  9. Work with Duplin DSS on Work First clients/victims of abuse as well as other issues relating to victim


  1. Work with Duplin DSS on CPS cases that involve domestic/sexual abuse
  2. Provide assistances to all clients by preparing an Advocates recommended treatment/referral resource plan
  1. Provide community education and in-service training to professionals in Duplin County
  2. Attend public functions and participate in community activities to promote SAFE
  3. Provide assistance as needed when in the home office
  4. Attend workshops that are relative to the services we provide to clients
  5. Provide necessary transportation for clients
  6. Facilitate support groups for Duplin County based on clients need and continued client participation
  7. Recruit and train volunteers in Duplin County
  8. Maintain consistent office hours 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM Monday-Friday in Duplin County
  9. Establish and maintain a good working relationship with essential professionals in Duplin County
  10. Responsible for at least one on call week per month and rotate holidays with other staff
  11. Help with fundraising events
  12. Perform any and all other duties that are in accordance with providing agency support and services to victims and management of SAFE in Lenoir County, Inc.