Membership Benefits

Member Mailings

Mailings include event information from around the state, news articles, legislation updates, resource of the week, and other information.

Access to and check-out privileges for the NCCASA Resource Library

The NCCASA Resource Library consists of books, videotapes, and audio tapes on a variety of topics surrounding sexual violence and nonprofit management. As a member, you can stop by our office to check out items or if you are not close to Raleigh, we can mail you items that you are interested in borrowing. The NCCASA staff can help you find the resources you are looking for.

Access to the information, resources, and materials obtained or produced by NCCASA

NCCASA constantly informs its members about information, resources, and materials that would be beneficial or of interest to members.

Workshops and trainings sponsored and coordinated by NCCASA

Throughout the year, NCCASA will be providing trainings and workshops on topics related to sexual violence. Members will be kept informed of the NCCASA training schedule and will be given special consideration for attending the training sessions.

Reduced fees for the NCCASA statewide conference

NCCASA’s statewide conference is a wonderful way to learn more about topics surrounding sexual violence and to connect with people from many different disciplines. NCCASA members are able to attend the conference at a reduced registration rate.

Opportunities to network and to be involved in the growth and development of NCCASA

NCCASA members can participate in quarterly NCCASA Regional Meetings (4 meetings held in each of the 6 NCCASA regions across the state) and NCCASA Membership Meetings, which are held twice a year. As a member you also have voting privileges and can voice you thoughts or concerns about the growth and development of the Coalition.