Our Mission

The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault is an inclusive, statewide alliance working to end sexual violence through education, advocacy, and legislation.

NCCASA Working for You on a Local Level

  • Providing information, referrals, and resources to individuals, rape crisis programs, and other organizations
  • Supporting rape crisis programs and other individuals in their efforts to address sexual violence in their communities
  • Advocating for local rape crisis programs
  • Creating networking opportunities for those involved in the rape crisis movement

NCCASA Working for You on a State and National Level

  • Training rape crisis advocates and allied professionals
  • Promoting awareness through education and media campaigns
  • Educating North Carolina legislators
  • Coordinating Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) across the state
  • Developing sexual assault protocol for allied professionals
  • Assisting colleges and universities in their efforts to address sexual assault through the NCCASA Campus Consortium

We are striving to make our services accessible to all people.