Criminal Statutes Related to Sexual Violence

Summary of SA-Related Criminal Statutes

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Changes Made in 2015

Several criminal statutes relating to sexual violence were re-numbered and re-worded in 2015. Refer to the following chart to compare and contrast criminal statute numbers and language before and after this change:

Statutory Rape in NC

“Statutory rape” is distinguished from “forcible rape” by two factors:

  1. The charge requires a special relationship between offender and survivor (either a large age gap or a relationship that features a power differential)
  2. “Consent” is not a viable defense to the charge of “statutory rape.”

There are several statutes that cover statutory rape. The following documents can help you sift through the details.

  • Check back soon for a summary text document about statutory rape law in NC
  • Use this chart to help you determine if certain statutory rape charges are implicated.


Revenge Porn

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Current Shortcomings in Criminal Law

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